Darren A. Smith spent the first 13 years of his career in a tough time demanding corporate buying office locked in his email inbox. The last 14 years he has spent training people in the UK Grocery Industry to manage their time better through training, coaching, and writing article and books. He believes he is the best person to help you with your time management because, as he says, ‘I’ll make you look like you don’t even care about your email inbox compared to how bad I was!’.

About the Author:

This white paper challenges you to improve the very core of your time management system. This is achieved by addressing 7 pieces, for example ‘Capturing’. Those 7 pieces are improved by spending 30 minutes per week working through exercises to achieve 7 healthy pieces, such as ‘Healthy Capturing’.

About the White Paper:

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 Less Overwhelmed by all the tasks that you have to do
 More Proactive in how you manage your tasks
 Better able to finish what you start
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